Leadership in the modern age of policing

As Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) across the country mark their first anniversaries in their posts, David Cliff, management consultant and researcher currently working with 16 a number of PCCPCs, to better understand their leadership development needs, looks at the system.

Police and Crime Commissioners have a unique position in our community. Although elected, they are neither mayors nor politicians. They occupy a position that informs policy, requires robust commissioning skills,  demands, demands multi-level leadership skills to direct innovation in their local forces, whilst at the same time listening to the community, with the quietest and most oppressed voices therein. It is unfortunate that they have received so much criticism in the first year. Some has been with good cause, and it is right that this is challenged.  However, a lot of this has been brought about as a result of more diverse players attempting to undertake a complex position with difference, innovation, and in many cases flair.