What we do


We summarise our approach as challenge. think. change.

By challenging pre-conceived ideas we help our clients to think about things differently and with our expertise, guidance and support achieve significant change in their personal lives, businesses or organisations.

Gedanken offer a range of uniquely tailored services aimed at individuals and organisations. Find the description below that best describes your needs and click the links to find out more:

Business Coaching

  • You’re the director of an organisation and want to go to the next level, but are unclear just what that level looks like;
  • You are a consummate leader in your organisation but would value some impartial counsel and support;
  • You are driving the organisation forward, but need somebody without a vested interest to talk through the moves ahead.


  • You have a staff member who can’t cope anymore;
  • You have an organisational problem that needs an external view;
  • You have a member of staff who is under investigation and needs personal support;
  • You have major change in the organisation and people are going sick on leave.

Personal Development

  • You’re unclear about your personal life directions;
  • You’re unclear about where you want to take your company next;
  • You’ve made it and have some considerable accomplishments but find whilst the harvest is rich in life, it is not fulfilling.


  • You’re a HR officer who is constantly approached for solutions;
  • You find that your role in HR would be eased if you could access support services for your staff;
  • You are thinking about support for yourself;
  • You are constantly approached to develop creative solutions and sometimes need help to keep them fresh.


Tel: 0191 305 1122 Email: actnow@gedanken.co.uk

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