Business coaching


Angie Lorraine, Gedanken Therapist and Coach

The coaching  market is flooded. There are so many coaches and mentors around these days that it is almost an impossible task to choose one! Coaches often offer much, over promise and frequently under deliver. They can exploit ones desire for positivity and optimism in a way that eases the sale but does not necessarily lead to fulfillment.

So we’re not going to promise you the life or business that you ever wanted. If you’re considering coaching at this point how do you know that you’ll still want these things at the end of the process? We can’t promise you an easy “seamless” transition from where you are now to where you want to be. What we can promise you is the following:

  • Clearer direction and purpose;
  • Greater self-awareness;
  • Insight into ones own strategies that enable and restrict;
  • Generally improved performance;
  • A  qualitatively better experience of life.

But we’re not going to pretend it is not going to be challenging work and it will require a lot of self-examination.

What we will guarantee is to challenge your current assumptions and encourage you to think them through and establish the changes you need. Most of all we promise you complete honestly and candour, not sugar coating, not nice words that make you come back for your next session. We owe you to be dead straight from session one! Our successful clients are testament to this approach.

“The irony of Gedanken services is one has to buy them and experience them first before one realises how good a deal one has got.”  

Phil White, White Associates.

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