Stress, change and the need to adjust to an ever demanding world, are endemic in modern living. Indeed it is a modern world that offers so many choices, that results in so many of our stresses. Previous generations did not have those choices. One in four of our population at any point will have some form of depressive or anxiety disorder. One in ten of our population will be admitted to psychiatric hospital at some point in their lives. With statistics like this, we cannot assume that psychological difficulties and mental health problems are simply the purview of a small element of the population. We are all prone to at least one period in our life where circumstances conspire to exceed our current resources and we suffer some form of personal crisis.

Such times can be eased or avoided altogether through the provision of good quality counselling to ensure that people are supported, explore their current situation and find meaning and change for themselves. As a service for yourself, it is an invaluable one to enhance insight and look at overall mental well-being. As a service from an employer, it is the sign of an engaged caring employer who recognises that staff productivity, longevity in post and the delivery of top quality customer services comes from employees who are supported, happy and engaged.

Gedanken offers a wide range of therapies from a wide range of therapists whose experience spans industry and public service.

Unlike many large scale companies, we can provide cost effective “pay as you go” services with additional support for HR officers and managers in terms of work place adjustment, stress risk assessment and return to work programmes.

For public service, we can provide augmented services to assist waiting lists and creative solutions that offer client choice within talking treatments.

However you do it, talk to us.


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