DSC_1653Mediation hasn’t caught on in the UK in any way as much as the government had intended it to. In our opinion this is a pity. We live in an adversarial society where people still wind up in court or tribunals without first having tried mediation. Increasingly judges and others look to a mediated solution as part of the logical process before going to court and companies are now increasingly beginning to realise the value of good mediation services as a result.

But there is a long way to go. The truth is, long before mediation hits court tribunals etc. it hits relationships. Those relationships can be soured over a period of years causing workplace disharmony, lost production, avoidable mistakes and wasted money.

Gedanken can offer both legal and non-legal mediation staff to support a workplace, legal or other dispute that could have a massive impact on relationships and organisations.

If you would like to explore mediation talk to us in confidence. We will discuss your situation and the dynamics of the dispute and advise you on the best way towards a resolution.

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