Personal development


Gedanken offers personal, one-to-one consultation sessions aimed at individual personal development.

We combine counselling and coaching skills allowing you to focus on your goals while taking into account past learned experiences, values and beliefs that sometimes help but often inhibit one’s enjoyment of life and the attainment of significant change.

We work with individuals and companies and our approach addresses the “whole person” rather than simple organisational aims. As we believe that greater functioning individuals leads to the greater organisational benefits.

Association of Coaching research states that the most effective coaches have a psycho-therapeutic background. That is why our service is always delivered by a Gedanken coach with experience of psychotherapy. This affords our coaches a deeper understanding of the processes required to deliver meaningful personal change. Our personal development programme is unique – not therapy but coaching – at a level of insight and understanding that is rarely achieved in many other coaching relationships.

So what’s the next step? It is really it is down to you. The first step to making a change is being decisive. This is your life. Both your future and your company’s well-being could rest on the decision you make. Why not get in touch with us and discuss your needs instead of trying to make a judgement based on our web site or worse still fishing around looking at our competitors!  You are looking at this site for a reason. Act Now.

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